“Preparation and deployment of physical samples for the supply
chain is too costly and complex: Is there a better way?”

Digital Colour Data Management

Within the global economy, both the size and the geographical spread of the typical supply chain are increasing. This further complicates the challenges of controlling the quality of the final product.

The process of providing thousands of physical samples to all participants within the supply chain in order to assure tight colour specifications is complex, time-consuming and expensive. Supplier-side differences in processes and methodology add an extra layer of uncertainty.

Digital management and communication of colour standards is far quicker, cheaper and more flexible, but a number of prerequisites must be met first.


1. Defined colour measurement methodology

Colour measurement devices, even when regularly calibrated and maintained, can provide significantly different readings. Measurement data can be influenced by methodology and sample preparation including factors such as measurement geometry, measurement area and light source.

The first step towards digital colour data management is to clearly define and communicate the measurement methodology to all participants along the value chain.

2. Inter-instrument agreement (IIA) and inter-model agreement (IMA)

These two crucial definitions, which are part of the manufacturer’s specifications, describe how closely measurement readings of several instruments of the same model (IIA) or different models (IMA) will match. These differences cannot be greater than the defined tolerance limits of any colour/shade to be manufactured.

In other words: IIA and IMA agreement levels must be as low as possible to ensure meaningful colour quality assurance.

3. Konica Minolta leads the way…

Konica Minolta is renowned as a manufacturer of colour and light measuring instruments based on its long heritage in the field of optical technology. All instruments are designed and built without any compromise, to meet or exceed compliance with international standards. The result is instruments that offer the industry’s best levels of inter-instrument and inter-model agreement.

Alongside the instrument range, the Colibri® platform allows customers to benefit from an unrivalled software suite with solutions for each stage of the value chain: from design, specification and manufacturing to global deployment. The Colibri® platform is fully scalable with flexible yet secure solutions for hosting, including intranet (local or global) or cloud based. 

Konica Minolta opens the door to digital colour data management, offering global enterprises important advantages in the process.