“We’re looking for a partner that understands our business and
who leverages their expertise to help achieve our goals.”

Your Business In Partnership
With Konica Minolta Sensing

Konica Minolta Sensing offers global enterprises sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships in the field of colour and light specification, production and control. To us, innovation means developing creative ideas and new technologies together with specialised partners delivering real benefits to our customers.

Create Value
Konica Minolta Sensing will help you implement your global quality management vision through developing a consistent and continuous global engagement and optimisation strategy. Our objective is to develop and integrate unified standards in products, services and applications while ensuring a smooth transition to improved processes and operations. Working together, we will create new values and business models that support your organisation’s objectives.

Think Global – Act Local
Our Global Account Engagement teams will work with you to develop a global quality assurance management strategy to control colour and light. We use a collaborative discovery methodology to understand your organisation’s global objectives and provide solutions to business challenges that both address local issues and scale to your organisation’s wider needs.