“Our supply-chain quality management system needs
innovative solutions to improve efficiency.”

Streamline Your Global Colour Process

How your product looks is a major element of brand recognition and perceived quality. Globalisation increases the challenges faced by major brand owners when trying to ensure accurate and consistent reproduction of quality throughout the supply chain.

One of these challenges is communicating and controlling colour and light accurately. Failure to do so impedes operations, wastes resources and lengthens time to market, which increases costs and ultimately dilutes the impact of the brand.

Konica Minolta has more than 30 years’ experience in colour and light measurement solutions throughout the supply chain, from concept, design and manufacturing to the finished product. We are uniquely placed to offer expert sales and services to support our customers and their supply chains, with regional offices, qualified distributors and service personnel worldwide.

Konica Minolta solutions and expertise can help brand owners and manufacturers to:

  • Communicate colour and light accurately
  • Standardise quality parameters across the global supply chain
  • Seamlessly go from colour feasibility and design to finished product
  • Reduce out-of-specification production and save costs